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Splended Moss Phlox of Hitsujiyama Park, Chichibu

About Hitsujiyama Park (Hitsujiyama Koen)

Let’s Go and See Moss Phlox in Chichibu City!

Hitsujiyama Park is located on the hillside in the north of a symbolic mountain of Chichibu City, Bukoyama.

It is widely known for amazing moss phlox that blooms in April and May. In Hitsujiyama Park, there are “Hill of Moss Phlox” which has countless trees of moss phlox and “Hill of View” which is located in the north part of the park.

In April and May, thousands of tourist from country-wide and worldwide pay a visit to see the tremendous moss phlox.

Hitsujiyama Means Sheep-Hill, Of Course There Are Sheep!

The park area is called Hitsujiyama (Sheep-Mountain) because there were sheep farms in pre-war time. In the west side of Hitsujiyama Park, there’s still sheep farms with lots of adorable fluffy mammals.

Moss Phlox Covering Enormous Park

It is believed that moss phlox in Hitsujiyama Park were planted around 2,000 years ago.

The moss phlox trees cover 17,600 square meters. It is absolutely remarkable that there are more than 400,000 trees of 9 kinds of moss phlox. In April and May when they bloom, colorful pink, white, and purple flowers spread out before you.

What you shoudn't miss in Hitsujiyama Park

Embrace Japanese Spring in Hitsujiyama Park

Chichibu area is known to be abundant in nature, but the best part of it comes in spring. Especially the moss phlox in Hitsujiyama Park becomes a breathtaking landscape with vibrant flowers covering the entire hill. If you look closely at the flowers, you will notice that each flower is very characteristic.

Gorgeous 9 Kinds of Moss Phlox

In Hitsujiyama Park, you can see 9 kinds of moss phlox. The colors are mainly pink, light purple, and white.

They might seem like the same color from the distance, but please look at the flowers very carefully. You will notice that flowers are actually different, some of them have solid colors while some of them have darker color in the middle.

All the flowers don’t bloom at the same time. The white flowers called White Delight is the one that blooms the earliest.

Color Pattern That Feast Your Eyes

The reason why the moss phlox of Hitsujiyama Park is beautiful is not only for their colors but for their arrangement.

The trees are planted in blocks by the colors so that when looking from above they are arranged in a particular pattern. Although you cannot see the pattern from the ground, the scenery is already pleasing to the eyes.

Access to Hitsujiyama Park

By Express Train (Recommended)

To get to Hitsujiyama Park, using Seibu Ikebukuro Line is the most convenient way. Take the Express Train Red Arrow “Chichibu” from Ikebukuro Station, and then you can get off at Yokoze Station or Seibu-Chichibu Station.

The express train is recommended because you don’t need to transfer and can get there in about one and a half hour. From the stations, it’s about 1.5km walk to Hitsujiyama Park.

They will increase the number of trains in the spring season. All you need to do is to hop onto the train, and you'll see a beauty of nature like a piece of fine art!

Other Tourist Attractions in Chichibu

There are lots of tourist attractions in Chichibu other than Hitsujiyama Park.

For example, you can walk from Yokoze Station and see moss phlox in Hitsujiyama Park, you can keep going towards Seibu-Chichibu Station. Along the way, there is a main street where you can enjoy food and souvenir shopping. From Seibu-Chichibu Station you can take the express train back to Tokyo area.

There are many shrines and temples in the area as well, so you can take mini-tour visiting spiritual and historical sites.

There are so much that you can do in just one day!

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